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{ Imagination Bejeweled }

Welcome to Awked Jewelry Studio!

We are a creative team of individuals with different backgrounds in Fine Arts, joined by one common goal – using traditional jewelry making techniques to create jewelry infused with a sense of wonder and freshness that is missing in so much of today’s fashion jewelry.

The artistic qualities of Cloisonne enamel provide us with the freedom of expression that is rarely accessible to traditional jewelers, making each creation a unique work of art. We draw inspiration from a wide range of art disciplines such as graphic arts, monumental arts, sculpture, mosaic, stained glass and painting.

We offer our clients a unique and precious opportunity – taking an active part in the creative process that eventually gives birth to a jewelry item carrying within it a piece of the client’s soul and dreams. That is something that no glamor jewelry can boast of possessing, regardless of the price tag or precious materials used. Diamonds may indeed be forever, but they do not express your personality, your unique and special inner world. We will work with you to create YOUR dream jewelry that will be unmistakably YOU!