Orgia Pravednikov – Six Winged Seraph Warrior Pendant

Posted by on Jun 8, 2011 in Emblem Design, Journal

One of the new projects currently under way is a pendant especially designed for a Russian rock group Orgia Pravednikov. They are one of the most original and talented rock bands working on the Russian music scene today.

The final design, enclosed below, incorporates a Six Winged Seraph Warrior (5 wings for the 5 band members and the 6th wing symbolizing the band’s muse) armed with a sword and a shield. The shield features the Sun – a powerful symbol recurring throughout the band’s work – as well as the band’s logo.

We’ve gone through a few different versions of the design, as can be seen in the enclosed image. The final design approved for production is the one on the right. The pendant is 6cm(2.4 inches) in height.